Oparinde Lawrence Olusola (Publications)
Publisher International Institute Of Fisheries Economics And Trade (IIFET)
Publication Type Conferenceproceeding
Publication Authors Oparinde, Lawrence Olusola and Ojo, Sylvester Oluwadare
Year Published 2012

Fish is an important source of protein which is highly needed for human beings to experience
necessary growth and development. This is the reason for the phenomenal rise in the
consumption of fish in order to meet up with the body nutritional requirements. Therefore,
marketing of this source of protein is inevitable as its distribution depends largely on the
structure of the marketing system. This study examined the structural performance of artisanal
fish marketing in Ondo State, Nigeria. Data collected from 250 artisanal fish sellers selected
using multistage sampling technique were analysed using descriptive statistics, marketing and
gross margin, Gini coefficient and Lorenze curve analyses. The results showed that artisanal fish
marketing was profitable with a mean net return of N137.10/kg ($0.85/kg). The estimated value
of the Gini coefficient determined was 0.64, indicating the presence of inequality in the share of
the artisanal fish market in the study area. It was realized that all the respondents in the study
area, mentioned poor transport network, high transport cost, inadequate fund and inadequate
storage facilities as major problems confronting artisanal fish market in the study area.
Therefore, programmes that will improve fish marketing should be organized for fish marketers
by the relevant government parastatals, extension workers, Non Governmental Organizations and
the artisanal fish marketers should be sensitized on the formation of better organized fish
marketing cooperative societies where they can solve some of their problems themselves.
Key words: Market Structure, Artisanal Fish Marketing, Gini coefficient, Lorenz curve.