Oparinde Lawrence Olusola (Publications)
Publisher School Of Agriculture And Agricultural Technology; The Federal University Of Technology Akure, Nigeria
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Performance And Resource-Use Efficiency Of Yam Production In Owo Local Government Area Of Ondo State, Nigeria
Publication Authors Fatuase, A.I. , Oparinde, L.O. and Aborisade, A.S.
Year Published 2015

Nigeria is one of the largest producers of yam in the world and the country is endowed with the resources necessary for efficient yam production. As a food crop, the place of yam in the diet of the people in Southwestern Nigeria in general and Ondo State in particular cannot be overemphasized. This
study investigated the performance and resource-use efficiency among yam farmers in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria. A sample of 120 farming households from six communities was randomly selected for this study. Data were analyzed using budgetary analysis and
multiple regression models. The results revealed that yam production is profitable with the annual gross margin per hectare and net revenue per hectare of N80,511.59 and N71,049.57 respectively. The multiple regression analysis showed that year of education, farm size, labour and planting material significantly influenced yam output in the study area. The study further revealed that land was under-utilized while labour, agrochemicals, planting materials, implements and transportation were over-utilized. Inadequate funds, lack of storage facilities and high cost of planting materials were some of the farmers' major constraints militating against yam production in the study area. It is therefore, concluded that
the Government, Non-governmental organizations and individuals should put in place training programmes that would expose farmers to the technical know-how on the optimal use of agricultural inputs for higher output and profits.