Publisher British Journal Of Science
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title A Bayes Based Model For HIV Prediction Extinction
Publication Authors Oguns Yetunde, Ogundele Tunde J, Thompson Aderonke F, Adu Ayooluwa S
Year Published 2015
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the most serious and deadly diseases in human history. It is an 
infectious agent that causes Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a disease that leaves a person vulnerable 
to life threatening infections. Though, there have been increase in the level of HIV awareness throughout the world and 
a lot of governmental and non-governmental organizations have invested huge funds, energy, and other resources into
 reducing the virus across the globe, but these alone cannot be enough for its extinction. In this paper, a bayes-based 
model technique is used to develop a predictive model for extinction of HIV/AIDS, our method is based on generating 
a dataset which is gotten by administering questionnaires as a means of eliciting responses from people or respondents, 
we used bayes-model to analyse this data. The result shows that in some years’ time, there will be extinction (or reduce 
to control level) of HIV/AID if certain factors are carefully considered by all.

Publisher International Journal Of Information Security Science (IJISS), Turkey
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Evaluation Of Multi-level System Of Steganography
Publication Authors Ogundele T. J. and Adetunmbi A.O.:
Year Published 2014

This paper proposes and evaluates a multi-level system of steganography (MLSS) which is a combination of steganography, cryptography and compression. Data encryption standard is the encryption algorithm used while the compression algorithm is Lempel-Ziv. Our approach scans through each of the cover image pixels, encodes the message bits with the green object of the pixel component and replaces the blue object with it. In evaluating the performance of the proposed work, several tests were carried out and recordings taken. The compression algorithm yields 91% average compression rate on the dataset. The efficiency of the MLSS was determined by comparing its peak signal to noise ratio (PNSR) with that of two existing steganography applications - P2P and Quickstego. The average computed PNSR for MLSS, Quickstego and P2P are 67.78, 61.18 and 54.01 respectively. The proposed scheme yielded a stego image with large hidden capacity, improved hidden message security, and high PNSR value.

Publisher International Journal Of Computer Applications, New York, USA
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Development Of A Yoruba Bible Native Application For Smartphones
Publication Authors  Obe Olumide O, Fakuade Segun O. & Ogundele Tunde J:
Year Published 2014

There are lots of bibles in different versions and languages and with the level of sophistication in today Smartphones; there are major increase in the development of different native apps that are widely used on these numerous smartphones. These include bible native applications in different versions and languages except Yoruba traditional language. This paper focus on the development of a complete indigenous Yoruba Language bible that will run as a native application on smartphone, the development methodology utilize the Windows phone SDK, Microsoft C#. net and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML). It also comprises of the architectural design of the development of native application, project architecture and application layout (The entire data, application resources and presentation layer of the application reside on the device). The application is expected to provide good and ease accessibility to the bible in an indigenous language and this will be of maximum importance to Yoruba communities, schools and churches.

Publisher Journal Of Computer Science & Technology (JCS&T)
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Development Of Multi-Level System Of Steganography
Publication Authors Ogundele T. J. and Adetunmbi A. O.
Year Published 2013
Internet world is characterized by many users among which are crackers and thieves. Hence, the need for a secured 
system to safely exchange confidential information among users across the web is required. Of such tool is steganography 
that simply hides the user information under other kind of information such as image so that no one suspects that a
sensitive data is being transferred. This paper presents a steganography scheme with an improved capacity and 
enhanced security by compressing the information before embedding it under an image. This is done by encoding the
message before embedding it in the blue object of the cover image components (pixels). To prove this scheme, 
several testing are performed and results are compared.

Publisher International Conference For Internet Technology And Secured Transactions London, UK.
Publication Type Conference
Publication Title Improving Deception In Honeynet – Through Data Manipulation
Publication Authors Alese B.K., Akingbola R.A, Dahunsi F.M., and Ogundele T.J. and Adewale O.S
Year Published 2014